How to configure Synapse

After Installation and first run of the server will Synapse have generated a few config files that you can find inside your Synapse Directory


This file is soly responsible for all Permission in the game and even overrides the vanilla permission so you have to set this file up in order to gain access to the Remote Admin

Inside this file will 2 Permissions Groups be generated at first start of Synapse. You can simply add another Group by copying and modifying an already existing one.

In the following will now all attributes be explained:

  • default : When enabled, will this Group be assigned to every player that are not in any Group

  • northWood : When enabled, will this Group be assigned to NW staff that are not in any Group

  • remoteAdmin : When enabled, will this group have access to the Remote Admin

  • badge : The Name of the Group that will be displayed in-game

  • color : The Color in which the Badge should be displayed in-game

  • cover : When enabled will the badge of this Group override Global Badges like patreon

  • hidden : When enabled, will the badge of this group hidden upon joining the server

  • kickPower : The power this group has in order to kick/ban Players of other Groups

  • requiredKickPower : The Power needed to kick/ban this group

  • permissions : A list of all permission the Group has

  • inheritance : All groups in this list will be inherited by the group and therefore obtains their permissions

  • members : The list of Users in that Group

Permission Wildcard

You can give a group every permission by adding the Permission '*',.*.

If you want to add all Permissions for a specific plugin you can do this with pluginname.*.


- plugin.*
- synapse.command.*

Vanilla Permissions

Maybe you have noticed that you have no vanilla permissions (except you use the wildcard), which you can change by adding the permission vanilla.* for all vanilla permissions or vanilla.permissionname. (The nodes of the permissions can you find here)


- vanilla.FacilityManagement
- vanilla.PlayersManagement

Synapse Permissions




Allows a Player to see another Player which is in Invisible Mode


Allows a Player to get all ServerGroups defined in the permission.syml


Allows a Player to set the Group of other Players (Warning: This can be abused to get more permissions, so be careful!)


Allows a Player to delete a Group inside the permission.syml


Permission for the Synapse Commands. You may read here for more information


Allows to use the SCP Proximity Voice Chat with every SCP


A list of all colors that can be displayed can you find here

Password authentication

Synapse does not support password authentication and it is recommended to disable it on your Server in the SCP:SL Configs to prevent bugs that may occur

Default Permission file

# If Enabled the GlobalBanTeam gets their global Permissions
globalBanTeamAccess: true
# If Enabled the Manager gets their global Permissions
managerAccess: true
# If Enabled the Staff gets their global Permissions
staffAccess: true

# If Enabled this Group will be assigned to all players,which are in no other Group
default: false
# If Enabled this Group will be assigned to Northwood staff players,which are in no other Group
northwood: false
# If Enabled this Group has Acces to RemoteAdmin
remoteAdmin: true
# The Badge which will be displayed in game
badge: Owner
# The Color which the Badge has in game
color: red
# If Enabled The Badge of this Group will be displayed instead of the global Badge
cover: true
# If Enabled the Badge is Hidden by default
hidden: true
# The KickPower the group has
kickPower: 254
# The KickPower which is required to kick the group
requiredKickPower: 255
# The Permissions which the group has
- '*'
# Gives the Group the Permissions of all Groups in this List
- User
# The UserID´s of the Players in the Group
- 0000000@steam

default: true
northwood: false
remoteAdmin: false
badge: NONE
color: NONE
cover: false
hidden: false
kickPower: 0
requiredKickPower: 1
- synapse.command.plugins





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